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... Train, Railway and Industry Modelling

How to become a client

Please contact us via email to:

Initial enquiries from clients should contain the following information, please,
  • What you want us to design for you - a railway layout, a warehouse, scenery
  • Any preference for the software to be used - TRIM-2D-BD, TRIM-3D-BD, Linka, AnyRail, SCARM, LEGO
  • What material you will use to build the model - plaster, wood, plastic sheets
  • The scale in which you are modelling - 1:76, 1:87
  • The size of the item to be designed (length, breadth, height)
  • Whether those measurements are precise or we could adjust them slightly
  • Any sketches that you have made of your ideas (attached to email as JPEG files)
  • Whether any part of your building is going to be next to the track (so no windows)

We also provide a service trying to solve problems that clients have found in their own designs - for example, when they discover that the connecting links are mis-aligned and creating the physical model would involve cutting and re-gluing those connectors / tabs / links.

Please note that all projects are confidential and we will not publish your model or our design without your written permission. You get an exclusive design!!

For example, we accept instructions such as:
"I would like a design for a building for my model railway similar to the ALP GRÜM station on
I plan to use Linka / ScaleCast moulds. The wall of the main station building from the platform level should have a height of 80 mms (two storeys) to the roofline; the wall at the back dropping down the mountain below the platform level should have a height of 30mms (only one storey). Width across front of main station building = 460 mms, depth = 260 mms. Tolerances of up to 10% acceptable. I do not want the small grey extension at the back. Scale 1:87"

Please contact us via email to:

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